Seeing God’s Master Plan


Bro. Ramil Reluya shares the Word of God, based on the life and story of Joseph.

God has been with us with the longest and had planned our lives even before we can imagine. This topic is very important because it affects all of us .It can be affected at our job, work, church, family and the like. To see God's Perspective in life, we have to see how God loves us that he sometimes have to test us. How we see problems as a His will which only a Sovereign God can decide through His will. Using our problems in life for us to learn and to learn that He is always Sovereign. Reason for this test is to shape us, change our character, and  to build up our relationship with Him.

  1. Understanding God’s Role and His Kingly Role on Earth
  2. Introduce Joseph’s life as a perfect example of life circumstance but Joseph seeing it in a different view in life.
  3. How Joseph learn and understand that wearing God’s point of View compared to his brother’s who put him to slaves and sold to the Egyptian and later became the confidant of Pharaoh .
  4. Joseph seeing God as the Sovereign Ruler , creator and sustainer of the universe. Life is a challenge . Seeing what his brother did to him was not his final point but God’s plan in bring to where he at this Present .
  5. Joseph walks with the Lord and how God is always with him despite challenges in life and also applies in our life that is always with us during troubles .
  6. The proof of out Spiritual dependence with God on how we see life circumstance if its Man’s hand vs God’s Hand .
  7. Seeing the Big Picture , why Joseph have to undergo all of this is to fulfill a promise given to Abraham by God , many years ago . The only way to fulfil His promise is how Joseph passed the test that brought him to this present and bringing his 11 brothers and Father ( Isaac ) to EGYPT as promise to be in EGYPT for 400 years .
  8. To use our negative in the past for the fulfillment of His promise.

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