How to Break FREE from a Bad Habit


A brief review of Pastor Gil’s preaching titled, WHY DO I DO WHAT I DON'T WANT TO DO? Based on the scripture, Romans 7:15-25.

What do you have a hard time controlling?
My temper, spending, eating, my moods, drinking, sexual desires, procrastinating, or bad habits?

Part of a series for Operation Transformation called “Breaking Free”. The theme verse is, 2 Corinthians 5:17. The series covers transformation in a person’s life.

According to Pastor Gil, a person typically wants to change their bad habits and their sinful behaviors on their own, but they can’t.
Rom. 7:15, 16,18
Mark 14:37
This attempt to change themselves but can’t result in Confusion, Frustration, Defeat, and Discouragement. Hence, they result to self-help books, even other people, and in the end finding more misery and agony.
Rom. 7:24
The result of this problem of trying to break-free from our sinfulness on our own efforts also results to giving up and being defeat, saying “forget it, I am tired of trying”.

However, Pastor Gil moves on to say, “if you’ve felt this way (confused, defeated, and frustrated). I’ve got good news for   you—you can change. There is Power available to you.”
There is God’s promise that you can claim. This promise is a foundation of our faith and a foundation of our goal of personal breakthroughs against our bad habits and sinful behaviors. This promise is found in:
John 8:32 – Jesus said, …When you know the Truth, the Truth will set you free.

Pastor Gil emphasizes that the secret of breaking free from our sinfulness is NOT our self-will and self-motivations. The way of breaking free from these frustrations and “hang-ups” is by “knowing the TRUTH—the TRUTH shall set you free”!

According to Pastor Gil, “your thoughts affect your behavior.” We attempt to change our behavior from outside—in. This does not work. Our change should be from inside—out! Pastor Gil continues that this is what the Word of God says, “you start with the way you think by knowing the TRUTH—the TRUTH shall set you free!” For example, continued by Pastor Gil,

“bad beliefs cause bad behavior. Everything you do, whether good or bad is based on your beliefs! It’s based on the value of what you’re holding on, whether consciously or unconsciously.”

Change happens when you change the way you believe—the way you think. “You’ve got to have the TRUTH!” as emphasized by Pastor Gil.

FACT: Behind every self-defeating behavior is a LIE that I'm believing, noted by Pastor Gil. This means we tend to believe lies about ourselves, lies about others, and so many other lies, most especially lies against God—all these affects our behavior and our thinking. One example of this lie according to Pastor Gil, is our past—that something in our past always affects our future behavior—this is not true! Jesus said, “when you know the TRUTH, the TRUTH will set you free!”

The TRUTH, and what is the TRUTH? According to Pastor Gil, this is our foundation as Christians and believers, the TRUTH that will set us free!
He states that we should, “Acknowledge the root of my problem, which is SIN.” This is the starting point of breaking free. We need to understand what the problem is first, the root of the problem. SIN!

What is SIN? Sin is not criminality, sexual immorality, lying, so on and so forth—these are just the visual results of SIN! In reality, SIN is an attitude of “BEING IN-CHARGE, I DO WHAT I WANT TO DO—I DON’T NEED GOD!” This is the basic attitude of sin! This is the root of all our problems! According the preaching, “no matter what your issue is, or your problems are, the bedrock of attitude that says, ‘I’M IN-CHARGE, I DON’T NEED GOD!’ —sinning” is the root cause!

Likewise, in 1 John 1:8 LB– “If we say we have no sin we are only fooling ourselves and refusing to accept the truth.”

If we claim we have NO SIN and that we DON’T NEED GOD, then we are just fooling ourselves—we are refusing to accept the truth! However, if we refuse to acknowledge that the root of our issues and problems is our SIN and that we NEED GOD, then, sadly “there is no solution for that”. According to Pastor Gil, “we make things worst when we pretend that [SIN] is not a problem.” You are only fooling YOURSELF and hurting YOURSELF. As mentioned by Pastor Gil, sadly some people even see others as having the problem rather than themselves.John 8:34 –Jesus said: “Everyone who commits sin is its slave!” There is also a danger of waiting too long to acknowledge our problem of SIN. We wait and wait, deceiving ourselves that we do not have problem.

In order to stop defeating myself, I must first stop deceiving myself!

Pastor Gil explains that, “the FIRST STEP in breaking free is to admit that I’ve got a problem!” He continues to explain that we should admit that:

“I’ve got areas in my life that is out of control. I can’t control them on my own. I’ve been in-charge and I’ve been trying to solve it without God. That’s why my life is a mess—and it is because of sin!”


If we feel powerless to change, that we don’t have hope of breaking free—there is hope according to Pastor Gil! That is to “Believe that Christ can change me”!

Rom. 7:24,25 – "Who will free me from this prison? Thank God! The answer in in Jesus Christ our LORD."
The only way we can break free from our bounds of sin is through Jesus Christ! According to Pastor Gil:

“Jesus has the power to change you. God has the Power that you are lacking! God wants to help you change! He wants to help you to get over those bad hang-ups and habits that you cannot remove or change yourself! But you have got to believe that Christ can change you!”

Pastor Gil continues to say that “that is the Good News!”
Rom. 8:2 – “For the new spiritual principle of life in Jesus Christ lifts me out of the old vicious circle of sin…” (Pb)
Christ gives you the power, the life that you need!
As Jesus have said that the “TRUTH shall set you free
John 14:6 – Jesus said: “I AM the TRUTH…”
Pastor Gil reiterates that it is not a concept, not a program, not a principle, etc.—it is ONLY the PERSON of JESUS CHRIST can set us free!

Commit my whole life to Christ

This is the foundation that we need before we delve into more specifics! We should commit all that we are to Jesus Christ! Stated by Pastor Gil:

“what is all of you? All the good things about you, all the bad things about you, and everything about you! Commit all of you to Him [Jesus Christ]! Everything that hurts you, your bad habits, your hang-ups—everything!”

Then he adds a typical question asked by people, “Okay, give me one good reason why I ought to do that?” And he answers it, “because you’ve tried everything and nothing else works!” JESUS IS THE ANSWER!

2 Cor. 5:17 NLT – “When anyone becomes a Christian, he becomes a brand-new person inside. He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun!”

Pastor Gil teaches, “that is real change! You need to plug-in to God’s power! In order for that change to take place! Because you cannot do it yourself! YOU NEED GOD’S POWER!
2 Tim. 1:7 – “The Spirit God gives us doesn’t make us timid; instead his Spirit fills us with POWER, LOVE, and SELF-CONTROL.”
Pastor Gil explains:

“God wants to give you the power because you do not have the power to change yourself! God gives you the love because He wants you to build lasting relationships! God gives you the self-control in order for you to stop defeating yourself! The question is are you tired of trying to force yourself to change and always fail?
STOP TRYING [ don’t even try, cause when you try you will fail!],
2 Cor. 3:17 – ‘Where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is freedom.’”

Pastor Gil finishes his preaching with these words:

“Do you want to be set free from bad habits, bad behaviors, and other sinful deeds? God can change you! God can give you the power to change! It’s your choice now, you can depend on yourself or you can depend on God! But you are the one who needs to live with the results! Results are either frustration or freedom!”

To learn more about this message, you can watch the preaching video! Thank you!



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