God Pops Up: Horn of Africa

When Juwan, a man from a tiny Ethiopian village, found Jesus, he heard about taking the gospel ‘to the ends of the earth.’ He knew exactly where to start.

The movement in the Horn of Africa continues to make disciples, planting four new house churches every day. To date, they have seen more than 230,000 people become followers of Jesus. With a deep commitment to prayer and fasting, they follow Luke 10, looking for “people of peace” who then bring households, villages, and entire tribes to Jesus. Daily, their church planters face persecution for the sake of the Gospel. But, they say, “we count it all joy so that we can share Jesus with more people.” For security reasons, we don’t divulge the identity of these brothers and sisters.

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Through God Pops Up, Christianity Today brings stories to you from some of the world’s most dangerous locations. We tell of people risking their lives in hard places to share the Good News. While we have confirmed these stories’ accuracy, unlike most of our journalism, we cannot cite sources, show photos, or name names. God Pops Up tells true stories through animation to encourage the global church while protecting these heroes.

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