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June 26, 2022

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Service today will be held at Main Church Sanctuary upstairs. The air-conditioning is now working. See you all! 🙏

June 12, 2022

May 21, 2022

FICC Covid Policy Effective May 22, 2022
Due to a few cases in our Church Family and in our local community we are posting our current guidelines
1.If you had recently been tested positive for Covid or have been in close contact with one within the last 14 days please attend Church ONLINE.
2. Current CDC guidelines is to stay home at least 5 days for positives and monitor yourselves for 10 days and wear tight fitting masks. Please visit CDC website for more details on what to do for exposure only or ask any Safety Team member
3. If you have any cold, flu like or gastrointestinal symptoms please stay home, rest and attend ONLINE Service
4.Mask: we will wear masks again for now until further notice. There have been reports that some, specifically young children have turned up positive without any symptoms.So we just want to be extra cautious.
5. Church Eating and drinking suspended for now
6. Hand sanitize upon entrance to Church
Thank You and let us continue to love and care for one another
FICC Safety and Wellness Team