Do You Want to be Made Whole?



John 5:1-16

What happened when a crippled man encountered Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda? Our God uses miracles to teach us heavenly things.

There are times when we feel hopeless at our work or in our lives that make us give up.  But God is the only one who can change our hopelessness to hope. But why do we say NO to Jesus when He wants to help us?  Is it pride, greed, poor self esteem, or even past experiences? Are you just concerned with your reputation?  We just want our outer self to be fixed and not our inner self.

Points why we say NO or refuse God's help:

  1. Excuses
  2. Effort
  3. Experience


  1. What weakness do you have that is a burden to you?
  2. Why do we say NO when someone offers us help? If God is the one offering help what will be your response? Why?
  3. What impact did this lesson give you today?

      1. Do You Want to be Made Whole? - Bro. Ramil Reluya November 25, 2018

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