FICC e+Message Library

e+Message are FICC Sunday worship messages that are "gift wrapped" for your convenience. Each e+Message gives you the preaching outline and the audio/video of the preaching. You can use each e+Message to review a preaching, go in-depth in God's Word, and to just learn more about FICC. You can open each e+Message using your smartphone, tablet, or computer! All e+Messages can be shared through your favorite Social Media platform.

Seeing God’s Master Plan
Bro. Ramil Reluya shares the Word of God, based on the life and story of Joseph. God has been with…
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Your Place in the Body of Christ
Pastor Gil explains the Body of Christ and our place in the church. The Scripture passage is found in 1…
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Joshua: World Changing Leadership Qualities
A sermon review for July 8, 2018. Here, the leadership qualities of Joshua is explored and studied. Find out how…
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The Hardest Thing to Do!
Sermon review for June 10, 2018. On this video, Pastor Gil discuss about discouragement and life issues that tend to…
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How to Break FREE from a Bad Habit
  A brief review of Pastor Gil’s preaching titled, WHY DO I DO WHAT I DON’T WANT TO DO? Based…
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