October 22, 2020

praise Dance from Fredericksburg VA .FILAMCC.ORG

October 18, 2020

October 18, 2020

Dear FICC Friends and Family,

Every year we participate in Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoebox. This year our Church packing / collection will look slightly different due to the pandemic.

“Even amid a global pandemic, we want to collect more shoeboxes than ever before, because now more than ever, children need hope!”

This year we would like to encourage you and your family to pack your own shoebox at home. We will then begin collection of these packed boxes over the next 3 Sundays starting October 25th - November 8th. If you prefer to just donate – we will also be accepting toy items as well as money donations for these boxes.

We will have collection boxes for those who would like to drop off gifts here at church.

For instructions on how to pack a shoe box please visit below link -

Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

“The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to provide God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ”.

May God continue to bless this ministry and may our good Lord bless you and your family for your love, support and generosity.

In His Love,
Sister Edessa

The Amazing Journey of a Simple Shoebox Gift Begins with You and Results in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multiplication

October 11, 2020

FICC Friends and Family! Let us show our appreciation for our beloved Pastor and Elder / Deacon Lucien next Sunday - please see flyer below ❤️👏

October 11, 2020

October 10, 2020

It’s the month to say THANK YOU for all you do!
Express your appreciation through words or gifts to our pastor and elders. Cards will be available at the church’s reception desk, pls take one with you and drop it on the box provided. Thank you!! 🙏❤️

October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020

October 2, 2020

Get busy for the Lord!

September 27, 2020

September 26, 2020

Gathered with well over 50,000 roaring in worship with my friend Michael W Smith on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial!



September 26, 2020

PrayerMach2020 🙏🏼🙌🏼


Live from Washington, D.C., watch Franklin Graham lead believers from all 50 states in praying for our divided nation. Follow the 1.8-mile Prayer March live ...

September 25, 2020

Watch Live! The Return

Have you heard about The Return 2020 yet?! The Return is a global day of prayer and repentance that's taking place on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on...

September 25, 2020

Dear FICC Friends and Family, I'm not sure if you had seen this advertised on TV / Social Media - please see link below and let us ALL be in prayer for these events, God knows we need healing in this World! Happening this weekend ...

* Billy Graham - Prayer March 2020!


The Return is a movement, an appointed time, and a specific day set apart for one purpose – the return to God by coming before His presence in humility, in sincerity in prayer, and repentance.
The movement begins now and will continue through the entire year of 2020 leading up to 10 Days of Prayer, Fasting, and Repentance – Starting with the Biblical Feast of Trumpets and ending with the Day of Atonement (September 18-September 28). The central day of The Return will be Saturday, September 26, 2020 on the National Mall and throughout the nation and world.
Take part by Live Simulcast wherever you are – In your Home, Church, Town, or City!

You may participate in agreement with the purposes of The Return in your own nation, within your home, churches, or wherever you gather. You are invited and welcome to join in by simulcast and urged to pray for America to Return to God.

The Return will reach beyond the borders of America and gather all nations for a Global Day of Prayer and Repentance. For those who wish to experience this solemn assembly in person, The Return will hold a live event on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on Saturday, September 26. There is no charge to attend!

The Return is a movement, an appointed time, and a specific day set apart for one purpose – the return to God by coming before His presence in humility, in sincerity in prayer, and repentance.

September 22, 2020

During the filming of The Passion of the Christ, Jim Caviezel (playing Jesus) lost 45 pounds, was struck by lightning, accidentally scourged with a whip twice, leaving a 14-inch scar, had his shoulder dislocated, and suffered from pneumonia and hypothermia from hanging mostly naked on a cross for several hours outside. His body was so stressed and exhausted from playing the role that he had to have 2 open heart surgeries after the production! The crucifixion scene alone took 5 weeks of the 2-month filming time.

The Passion of the Christ is the highest-grossing rated-R movie in the US, of all time, at $370.8M! Worldwide it grossed $611M. Most importantly, it reached many souls around the world. Mel Gibson paid $30M out of his own pocket for the production because no studio would take on the project, and Jim Caviezel was warned not to take the role of Jesus because it would ruin his career.

Today is Jim Caviezel’s birthday, and he’s 51 years old. He proudly proclaims his faith in Christ amidst the godlessness of Hollywood.
Thank God for people like him who will step out to do what might not sound “fun”, but it gets out the Word of God and the story of His salvation of mankind. Happy birthday, Jim Caviezel!

September 20, 2020

September 20, 2020

Let us group together to lift God’s name this morning . Let us lift our prayers to our pastor who will deliver his spiritual message to us . I know we don’t do this role at the church but doing this can help build our church , since the pandemic had change our lifestyle , let us change our time and prayers as well by doing virtual prayers as one . We pray for our pastor and especially lifting God’s name .As for people doesn’t know Him yet , He is the same God who spoke to Moses , the same God who talked to Paul and the same God that made you stand where you are right now . See you all at 2:15 at church . Let us welcome visitors that are coming today and show your love that they are always welcome .
Ramil ..🙏🏻

September 13, 2020

September 13, 2020

September 13, 2020